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An application that allows uses to instantly connect with each other on diverse social media platforms just by one tap of mobile phones.

Why Ingrum

300 billion business cards.

3.3 billion social media users.

5.1 billion mobile phone users.


The idea of Ingrum ID started an year ago when I went abroad on an exchange semester. I was exuberant there, going to different places like workshops, seminars, forums, events, clubs and bars every day and night. I used to meet tons of new people everyday and would always face one particular problem in general which everyone one of us experience. That is sharing of contact information.

Suppose, you meet a new person/friend, and after few conversations you exchange phone numbers, but then you would want to connect with him/her on Facebook, how would you do that? Probably exchanging usernames or looking them up which mostly is too awkward and time consuming. Then again you would like to connect with them on Instagram, Snapchat, Email, LinkedIn, Twitter and so on. Each time going through this arduous and time consuming process. So, in order to bring people closer, connected and conversive, We created Ingrum ID, An Application that allows users to transfer all these contacts information, whatever they want, just one tap of mobile phones.

Our Solutions

All in One

An all in one purpose app that makes sharing contacts easy and fun to use.

Social Media

It allows them to input all social media usernames in their profile and share them instantly just by the tap of phones, business cards and alike.


The users will have the flexibility of setting different buttons for sharing different kinds of contacts depending upon the opposing person.

NFC & QR Codes

For those people, who doesn't have NFC in their mobile phones, they can use QR codes for exchanging contact details..

Business Cards

The users can also carry one or two business cards that can transmit their contact information instantly just by tapping on the other phone.

Offline Functionality

Users will be able to perform their contact exchanges in offline mode as well

Ways to Connect

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Use of Phone

Use of Phone for transferring and sharing contact information across various platforms instantly.

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Use of Business cards

Use of Business cards/posters/cards/paper, keychains, rings and related matter to transfer contacts digitally.

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Scan of QR-Code

You can now instantly transfer your contact details by one scan of QR-Code

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Our Team

Umer Tariq Bashir

Umer Tariq Bashir

Muhammad Fahad

Muhammad Fahad

Co Founder

Umer Tariq Bashir

This application which will always be free will allow users to connect with each other and other brands to form lifetime bonds while ensuring data protection and privacy, because at the end of the day we become because of the people who surround us.