Privacy Policy

At Ingrum, we recognize that privacy is significant. We provide this Privacy Policy to inform users of the Ingrum application, the related services we provide and the Site about our policies and procedures regarding the collection, use and disclosure of information.

This Policy is part of our Terms of Service and applies to the information that is collected in connection with the download, installation and use of the Application, related services and the Site. By using the Application, related Services or the Site you signify your assent to this Privacy Policy and agree that we may collect, use and share your Information (Personal Information and Non-Personal Information) in accordance with this Privacy Policy, as revised from time to time. If You do not agree with this Policy, or with our Terms of Service, do not download, install and / or use the Application.

This Policy covers our collection, use and disclosure of Your information through the Applications, the Services and the Site. It does not cover any collection, use or disclosure by third parties through any applications, Web sites, products or services that we do not control or own, or any third-party features or services made available via an Application, the Services or the Site. All trademarks, trade names, and logos of third parties featured on the Applications or the Site belong to their respective owners.

The Application is intended for people who are competent to contract under applicable law. Individuals who are considered a minor in applicable jurisdictions are not permitted to use this application unless the complete Agreement is seen and agreed by parents or their legal guardians under applicable law.

Purpose of information collection:

We provide services to you by means of website, software and other applications. We collect your information only for the purpose of providing products and services to you (functions designed for each product differs from one another; you should familiarize yourselves with these differences and make your own privacy settings based on your needs and the circumstance), improving your experience of using Our Products and services, facilitating your use of Our Products and services more expediently, obtaining the information that you need in a faster and more accurate way.

Data information you upload:

The information you may upload including different social media profiles and contact details are protected by privacy laws and may related to your or other’s private information protected by law that may involve your or other’s privacy, or is granted protection under copyright law, etc. We guarantee that the information you provide won’t be used by the company and won’t be accessible to the company. The information will only be available offline on your phone and is the sole responsibility of the user. The company has not and will not use or view any information the user uploads.

Data information you Share:

The information the user will be sharing through different technologies like NFC, QR codes etc will be the sole responsibility of the user and the company won’t be held liable in any matter. It is up to the jurisdiction of the users regarding what data they use and share with other people and the responsibility is solely dependent upon the user transferring the data. Therefore, care should be applied in judging whom the data is being transferred.

If we use your information under any circumstance, we will obtain your prior consent.

When you share your contact details like email, phone, facebook, Instagram, twitter, linkedin, snapchat etc. with others, the receiving person can see your complete information whatever you have transferred to them under different options. Our Products will ask you for the following permissions during regular operation:

  • 1. Storage: Having access to device storage to read and manage business card
  • 2. Camera & Album: Using your device’s camera and photo album to scan QR Code
  • 3. Contacts: Accessing device contacts to use the function of importing phone contacts and saving card to contacts
  • 4. Third-Party Applications: Accessing third party applications to allow you to quickly navigate to the desired social or contact platform.
  • 5. Cookies: When accessing our webpage (, we use cookies to provide you with necessary services.
  • Only download and install this application if you abide by our Privacy Policy.